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  We are responsible for our own karma, whether we recognize it or not.
Always. we are all writing our karma by our own hands. 
  The law of karma works just like the barter system,
you exchange one good in return of another good.
And today, we exchange one good in return of money.
  The truth of karma means to apologize for the mistakes of past life in this life.
God cannot be execrable for any of our situations.

  Prioritizing better values over Good And Bad.
Once you start ignoring, you get better problems your way and lead to a better life.
  The Wisdom of realizing karma is the fact that none of us can deny the law of the karma.
What we do, comes back to us. An action is never wasted.
  Karma is a miracle. Karma comes after everyone at its own pace.
Sooner or later the universe will revenge you with what you deserve.