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  What are Your 7 Most Worst Habits? It is a negative behavior marking on your life.
Most bad habits are caused due to stress or by the feeling of boredom.

  Habits basically turn a pattern on our brain and they start structuring their behavior on us.
But the power of habit has a tendency to change them.

  Introvert Extrovert is the two different characteristic of a human being.
Where one likes to stay alone and the other likes staying in a group.

  Human beings are unique in every way. They have the ability to think things beyond our selves.
The thought process is the parameter of our worth.
  The ability to control your mind is the most important quality you can develop as a human.
The habit of Self Discipline is one key point.
  Is it that difficult to adopt a new habit? An art of a new habit can be planned and
the record can be maintained every month for the change of our habits.

Life 1s beautifull :/
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