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  This Lever Action Drum Pump from Kijeka Engineers efficiently pumps lubricants solvents and other non corrosive agricultural and industrial chemicals.

  Kijeka Engineers are providing a wide range of Drum Pumps for Transferring Chemical, Oil Fuel and other Fluid. We provide a different types and verities of dru
  Kijeka Engineers provides all types of oil pumps near ahmedabad. Kijeka Lever Action Drum Pumps is hand operated Lever Pumps Complete with curved metal spout
  Kijeka Rotary Chemical Pump is ideal for water, biodiesel, diesel heating oil and many other chemicals. The hand-operated rotary action pump delivers up to 8 g
  There are a lot of Chemical Pump types available, but that one is right for you? Understanding that pump kind is right for your application is crucial to lense
  Kijeka makes a full line of industrial drum handling Equipment’s. Drum handling equipment to are use for lift, Shifting, move, racking, pouring, tilting, weigh