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Simplify the surgical scheduling process | PreferredMD

Description: Schedule and manage surgeries, verify patient benefits, and track physician credentials, all in one easy platform connecting ASCs, physicians, and patients

  Learn a couple of ways to make benefits verification, prior authorization, and verification of pre-authorization processes less painful and stressful.
  Managing an operating room is a challenging task. If you’ve found the right surgery scheduling software, you’ll see that it will be able to help your practice
  Looking for a better way to verify out-of-network benefits for patients? Simplify the process with the PreferredMD solutions for patients and health providers.
  Request the equipment required by your surgeons right when you schedule the surgery, all in one affordable, easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant platform
  Forget about manually requesting physician credentials. Track medical credentialing in one easy, HIPAA-compliant platform, without a single piece of paper.
  Looking for an easier, more efficient scheduling and credentialing system? Try PreferredMD and go from chaos to full clarity while growing your surgery volumes
  PreferredMD Solutions - connecting patients, physicians, and facilities in one HIPAA-compliant platform. Simplify surgery center management workflows for more

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