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Blogaccio | ..l'Italia che noi vogliamo, che noi costruiamo giorno per giorno, che noi faremo, sarà una creatura magnifica di forza e saggezza. E potete esser certi che in questa Italia di lavoro, tutto il lavoro, quello dello spirito e quello del braccio, terrà, come deve tenere, il primo posto…

  Mattarella does not want to unload B. He is thinking in fact of a "smart" government led by a woman who will send to the chambers to get as many votes as possi
  A few years have passed since Silvio saw the Italians dine all at the restaurant: we are a wealthy people who queue up at the "ceck in" and fly on vacation. Th
  Il Fatto al mattino e LA7 in serata, sono quotidianamente impegnati in un doloroso Travaglio perché il M5S partorisca un Governo coi perdenti e ci rifili più E
  The Government will do, not before the summer, however. Dal Colle leaked that Salvini and Di Maio are already in agreement, but wait for the Regionals first an
  Mattarella has a fixed point, for the new government can not be ignored by the grillini. Perfect harmony of the Head of State with the Vatican hierarchy: the n
  What happened to Tsipras' promises to the Greeks that so many enthusiasms had also fueled in Italy to the point of having inspired an electoral list registered
  Be quiet, the enemy listens to you. The anti-racist procession convened in Macerata by the social centers has been careful not to pronounce a single word of cl
  That 1% of the population of the planet that controls half of the world's wealth is represented in Davos, an exclusive circle, the equivalent of a social netwo
  We are not Spain and not even Germany that from 24 September 2017 is still waiting for the formation of a new government. Italian parliamentarianism, fortunate

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