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  Toys for avian friends have come a long way, especially since it has become quite clear how important toys are for their proper development and happiness. If you are in the market for Parrot Toys, you will be pleased to see that you can select from a variety such as:
• Foraging and puzzle toys- these are designed to engage the brain of the birds and parrots love them for they enable them to be creative.
• Wood and rope toys- these are quite interesting; they are suitable for chewing and their variety is quite impressive; as far as cost is concerned you will be quite pleased to see that these toys are quite affordable.
• Preening and shredding toys- these are suitable for quiet play and they are a great choice for birds that develop a feather destructive behavior.
• Foot toys and chewable
• Climbing and swinging toys
• Acrylic and activity toys- these are quite engaging

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