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  A glasswool sandwich Panel is a mineral wool that's used for sound insulation and sound reduction. Glasswool sandwich is one of the most common types of mineral yarn. There are many sizes and thicknesses of Glasswool sandwich Panel.

Glasswool sandwich panels are made up of Glasswool, which is sandwiched between two sheets. It is used for thermal, acoustic and radiation shielding purposes. It is a form of glass fibre insulation, used in buildings, industrial plants, missiles, and other applications.

Glasswool sandwich panels provide insulation and sound protection. This product is made out of Glasswool fibre, Cotton fibre, and Polyester fibre.

Cactus Profiles, a manufacturer of fibreglass sandwich boards, is located in California. Cactus Profiles Glasswool sandwich panel Bengaluru provides a broad range of panels, primarily for thermal insulation. We offer a wide variety of products, including radiant panels, airtight and sauna doors.

Cactus Profiles is the ultimate source for the highest quality, value and best service in the industry. Cactus Profiles' exceptional service is what makes them stand out.

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Phone: +91 - 82873 85024

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