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  Dumpling Making Machine produces high-quality products. The TMAK machine continuously performs R&D work in its own factory.

Features of Pastrymak Encrusting Machine

It works with the session of 1 or 2. (Changeable according to the dough)

You can set the filling amount as much as you require.

You can set the dough thickness as much as you require.

The machine works with a 1.5 KW Italian motor without any problems.

It works with 220V house electricity.

All of the surface, which is in contact with the food, is removable and washable.

With different kinds of Mold, you can easily produce such products; ravioli, Turkish manti, Turkish raw pastry, etc.

All running parts are removable easily with high-quality engineering.

The main chassis is made of stainless steel.

The capacity of the machine is 4000-8000 pieces per hour.

Want to know about the Dumpling making machine price in India, click on the given link & send an enquiry.

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