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  One of the largest and reputed manufacturer and Supplier of Cryogenic valves, Valvesonly Europe provides wide range of valves for cryogenic system

Based on the principles of physics and structural construction, Cryogenic valves are designed to work through the cold and lower temperature surroundings. Our valves are specially made to sustain the high pressure in the petrochemical and cryogenic gas industries. The valves are tested based on the API and BS standards before being exposed to extreme industrial situations in the gas production plants and transportation. These are designed to allow easy flow of gas and liquids. With qualities like energy saving, high-flow ability, high durability, and tight shut-off; the Cryogenic valves are better performers in cold surroundings than other valves. We provide a wide range of cryogenic valves to our customers; mainly being cryogenic globe valve, cryogenic ball valve, cryogenic gate valve, cryogenic long stem globe valve, steam jacket globe valve, and cryogenic check valve. Cryogenic valves are most commonly employed by the firms that deal with Liquefied Natural Gas and Compressed Natural Gas, for the transportation of these gases securely and effectively. Few other uses include medical, aerospace, air separation plants, petrochemical, and LNG storage industries.

Cryogenic Gate valve
cryogenic globe valve
cryogenic ball valve
cryogenic butterfly valve
cryogenic check valve
And many other based on requirement from clients. All these valves undergo fugitive emission test and approved . Cryogenic valves from valvesonly europe comes either with Lever operated , Gear operated , Pneumatic or electric operated based on your requirement

If you are looking for manufacturer in Germany and Europe , go no where , just email us

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