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  Salicylic Acid (also known as 2-Hydroxybenzoic Acid) belongs to carboxyl group and is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry as antiseptic, pain reliever and f
  Trimethylolpropane (also known as TMP) belongs to hydroxy group and is mainly used in industrial sector as a precursor to alkyd resins. Acrylated and alkoxylat
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  An inorganic white coloured salt, Barium Chloride is mainly used in the purification of brine solution in chlor-alkali plants. It is also used in the manufactu
  Caffeine is a bitter crystalline purine, belonging to the methylxanthine class of compounds. It is used in medical industry in various therapies and treatments
  Tomato powder is made by using fresh tomatoes. It has a longer shelf life due to its dry form. It has almost the same nutrient content as tomatoes, including v
  Frozen vegetables have their temperature and freezing points reduced, so that they do not get spoiled during storage. This process makes it easier to find any
  Butanedioic acid, commonly known as succinic acid or amber, is a water-soluble, colourless crystal. It is a dicarboxylic acid comprised of four carbon atoms. I
  Chlorine belongs to Halogen group and is used in the Antiseptic and Disinfectant Industry as an antiseptic to clean drinking water and pools. It is also used t
  Modified starch is the altered form of native starch. It helps in maintaining the structure and quality of food even after it is fried, freeze dried, baked or