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  Branding / Packaging: let's break the codes!

Branding packaging is subject to a certain number of cultural and legal constraints often marked by
  The packaging of the future could be eaten

David Edwards, a Harvard professor, will launch his new technology called WikiCells at the end of May,
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  No, bubble wrap will not go away

Phew! This is the cry of relief that many of you will certainly (or not) express when yo
  Plastic in Samsung Packaging soon to be Replaced by Ecological Materials

Samsung announced in a statement this Sunday that it
  Electronic Cigarettes would be Bad for Cardiovascular Health,A new US study warns about the dangers of e-cigarettes and more particularly its flavored liquids,
  The size of your neck would be a true indicator of your condition

A recent study states that measuring neck circumference would reliably determine the risk
  What to choose: an animated movie or shooting from nature? There are situations when such a question is not worth it. However, cases
  Cunning and marketing: 6 creative techniques of promotion from global brands

The history of marketing is a story of cunning, creativity and a non-standard a
  The Internet makes it possible to advertise yourself for free. It is only necessary to use this opportunity correctly. How to find customers using the...
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