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  Isodecanol (also known as isodecyl alcohol) is a colorless slightly viscous alcohol.
  Laurolactam is a lactam having the chemical formula C12H23NO. It is used in the manufacturing of nylon-12, also referred to as polyamide 12 or PA12.
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  Azepan-2-one, also known as caprolactam (CPL), is a crystalline cyclic amide of caproic acid. It is a white, hygroscopic, water-soluble solid.
  Procurement Resource provides procurement market intelligence, supply chain analysis and category management in the form of market reports, cost models, price
  Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP) is an inorganic compound, which is also known as sodium triphosphate (STP) (Na5P3O10). It is the sodium salt of the polyphosphat
  Bio-butadiene refers to the butadiene derived from bio-based sources like biomass instead of various petroleum feedstock. Butadiene is widely used in the produ
  Propane-1,2-diol is a clear, colourless liquid. It is used in food, cosmetics, automotive, pharmaceuticals, pet food, and tobacco industries. It is also used a

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